…and we are still accepting new members

Have you ever thought just how you might start cycling with a club? Did you know that every Sunday we organise four types of rides:novice, touring, club and training rides so you can pick the distance and speed to suit you best – then graduate to the next group up as you get fitter. We even do early-bird rides on a Sunday starting at sun rise. Everything is possible with Essex Roads!

 Visit our club rides page for more information Club Rides

And we don’t just cycle on-road, we go off-road riding too. Practically every other Saturday we organise off-road rides in all parts of our beautiful county. We also organise off-road and on-road trips and endurance rides. You can experience this too with Essex Roads!

Joining essex roads is via the British Cycling website. All prices and the sign up form can be seen here British Cycling Essex Roads.

For any further questions regarding membership please email membership@essexroads.com


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    For membership enquiries please contact membership@essexroads.com

  2. Scott Wilson

    Hi Matt, how much is membership please? Family and individual. It would be great if your website had a tab on the top about membership.

    1. Profile photo of MattMatt

      Hi Scott, membership sign up is currently through british cycling and you can see all the prices here British Cycling Essex Roads.
      I agree, we should have this on the website. Will update that soon.

  3. Matt



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