Club activities to resume!

As you may know, March 29 2021 is the next phase for England for moving out of lockdown with the resumption of outside activities including organised outdoor sport being allowed from 29th March!
This is great news for the club and its members as it now means we can start to plan and run its events for the year ahead.
So what does this latest easing of lockdown mean for cycling and more specifically what does it mean for our club members?
British Cycling has issued its own guidelines which can be found here
  • British Cycling-affiliated Club rides or recreation programme rides for up to 15 participants (or limited to relevant leader/rider ratios), on highways, trails and tracks.
  • Outdoor coach-led club training and coaching for all ages. Numbers to be determined by a coach’s qualification.
  • Indoor coaching for under-18s and disabled people, subject to facility access.
  • Outdoor club, local and regional competition and challenge events, such as sportives, across a range of disciplines. This will be subject to guidance set out in The Way Forward.
  • Indoor regional competition for under-18s and disabled people, subject to facility access.
  • Private provision of education courses limited to six people, delivered outdoors.
Please note: Informal riding (i.e., groups of friends meeting to ride together) will still be limited to the Rule of Six.
As a club, the plan is to commence the following activities:
  • Sunday Club Runs from the first Sunday in April. Restrictions will apply such as group size and maintaining a 1 metre gap between riders
  • Weekly Club Time Trials to commence from the first Wednesday in April. Again, restrictions will apply and full details will be published shortly.
The club committee members are virtually meeting on Tuesday 30th March to finalise the calendar and any restrictions that might apply. We will publish further guidance shortly afterwards.
Seeing large group of cyclists on public highways may be a shock to the general public as they may not be aware of the new rules applying to club rides and we need to bear in mind to be considerate and respectful to all. The highway code still applies and more than likely, they will be more cyclists around than normal due to the boom of this activity during lockdown. So ride safe, keep your head up and leave plenty of room. Our guide to riding in groups is well worth refreshing yourself with before venturing out in a big group!
Ride safe everyone and enjoy!

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