Club Rides

Welcome to our Club Ride Page!

Whether you are an experienced veteran or new to group riding, check out our new guide to group riding here: Essex Roads Group Riding Guide & Safety Tips

When do the rides take place?
Always on a Sunday at 9am. Arrive approx. 8:45 to be ready to roll ..


Where do you finish?
We return to the start at the Council Car Park or you can peel off sooner if you like.

How long do the rides last for?
About three to four hours, depending on distance, weather conditions, punctures, abilities and stops.

How many attend the Sunday rides?
We currently have around 350 members, usually on a Sunday about 80 people turn up and go off with different ride groups.

Do you stop for refreshments?
Yes, we try to plan at least one major stop, usually at a well-known tea-house.

Should I eat before the ride?
Definitely yes! It’s good to have some food inside you beforehand.

What sort of bike do I need?
Basically, anything which you normally use and are comfortable on over 35 miles and preferably with smooth tyres.

Do I need any money?
Yes bring some cash to get a coffee/tea and food when we stop.

What will I need to make sure I have before I come out?
You will need a bike in working order (please check brakes, gears and that tyres are pumped up) helmet, spare inner tubes, pump, lights/mud guards for the winter.

What sort of clothing do I need?
It all depends on the expected weather conditions, so please have a look at the weather forecast beforehand. It’s probably better to over-dress and expect the worse but avoid baggy clothing as they can get caught up in the moving parts. You can always carry discarded clothing with you. Don’t forget your sun cream if it’s going to be hot – liberally applied to arms, legs, face, ears and neck.

When don’t you go out?
When it’s very windy, during heavy rain or when, during winter it’s likely to be slippery or heavy fog.

Do you ride on main roads only?
We try and get on to country lanes as much as possible. Our riders tend to know where they are going, so stick to the smoothest, nicest and prettiest routes available.

How far do I need to be able to cycle before I come out with ERCC?
We recommend that you can at least cycle 25 miles on your own. You should be able to cover this distance in around 14 miles per an hour average speed.

How much does it cost to join?
Riding memberships  £20 per year (£10 Juniors), Special rates for Family and Go-Ride memberships

Can I ride wearing headphones?
Due to numbers of riders in a group the club does not allow this due to the dangers it could cause.

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