Level 2 – Social Group 40 miles @15.5mph

The Essex Roads Social Group rides are for those able to ride at a steady pace with a group. We will do about 40 miles and our average speed will be about 15.5 miles per hour.


You need a  road bike. We recommend that you wear some sort of cycle clothing for comfort reasons. You don’t need special cycle shoes or pedals though these will help your pedal action especially up any hills. We also strongly suggest that you wear a helmet.

The Social Rides go over undulating terrain, and no big hills. We go at the pace of the slowest rider, and if you drop back we all wait for you to recover/ catch up. And don’t worry – you won’t be left. We definitely stop for a break at a nice café, where tea, coffee, toast, buns and cake are likely to be consumed.


There are lots of advantages to cycling in a group. You will learn lots about bike control, road positioning and how to hold pace with others. It can also be to your advantage in that you will be able to ‘draft’ others by sitting behind them thus saving energy. You might also take a turn at the front if you feel able.

As you progress on the Social Rides you could eventually graduate to our Touring Rides which travel faster and further. Typically, many riders end up at this level of fitness. We have a lot of riders who started with our club as novices, and they have since then moved onto other rides such as our Touring, Club Rides and Training rides. Its amazing how quickly that cycling with others will improve your abilities.

All our Touring Rides start and finish at the Council Car Park on the western side of the High Street, Billericay at 9:00. 

See here for more detail.

From there, we take a variety of routes along quiet country roads that you’ve probably never been down before. We are usually back in Billericay about midday, or you can turn off earlier if it’s easier for you to get home.

Where and when?

Club Rides

Here’s our club Guide to Group Riding, it really is worth taking the time to read this.