ERCC Go-Ride Winter Series – Race Report #4 and Overall Series Winners Results – Redbridge Cycling Centre 25-03-2018

Essex Roads Go-Ride Winter Series 2018

Race Report – Round 4 – 25.03.2018

Hampered by the snow and ice round four of our 2018 winter race series was delayed by a week, and boy what a difference a week makes! Considering the short notice and change of date to 25-03-18 we had an excellent attendance for this, our final round of the 2018 Winter Series.  Temperatures reached double digits for a change with our average temperature for the whole series a very cool 5.5 degrees!


Under 8’s

Everyone was keen to start the day’s racing and a number of riders were competing for the overall series medals. Using the lower circuit at Redbridge we set off with the U8’s and again we had the largest field of the day in this well attended category, with 15 riders battling it out for the honours. In the boys race William Hughes (Lea Valley Youth CC) took the top step of the podium with an excellent performance in both races, closely followed by Tommy Chilvers (Barking & Dagenham CC) in 2nd place who has ridden consistently well over the whole race series. Newcomer James Clark from Colchester Rovers finished off the podium in a fine 3rd place and Jake Williams of Essex Roads CC took 4th place and 1st ERCC rider to cross the finish line. In the girls race it was a repeat of round 3 with Little Wheelers taking all podium positions with the addition of Emma Knox (Unattached) placing joint first with the regular U8 category winner Sophie Cummings of Little Wheelers. Rounding off the girl’s podium was Amelie Fairhead in 2nd place and Leonie Fairhead in 3rd place, both of Little Wheelers, well done everyone.

Overall U8 Series Winners 2018 (Best 3 Rounds out of 4 Count)

Joint 1st Boy – Tommy Chilvers – Barking and Dagenham CC        1st Girl – Sophie Cummings – Little Wheelers

Joint 1st Boy – William Hughes – Lea Valley Youth CC                     2nd Girl – Amelie Fairhead – Little Wheelers

2nd Boy – Austin Skinner – Little Wheelers                                        3rd Girl – Leonie Fairhead – Little Wheelers

3rd Boy – Emanuel Bujdei – Barking and Dagenham CC


Under 10’s

The under 10’s had 10 x riders competing for the podium places. Charlotte Aris, Little Wheelers was our only U10 girl on the start line for today’s racing. She did an excellent job racing with the boys and deserved her 1st place girl on the day. The U10 boys had a real battle today making it very difficult to split them up during both races. They all rode very well with many sharing the podium positions on the day. Ethan Leslie and Oliver Beale both of Lea Valley Youth CC took the top step of the podium with team mate Lochlan Dyer took 2nd place with Alrik Knox (Verulam CC) and Jody Wynes (Lea Valley Youth CC) rounding off the podium in joint 3rd places. Nathan Brown (Essex Roads CC) was the 1st ERCC rider across the line, well done guy’s!

Overall U10 Series Winners 2018

1st Boy – Ethan Leslie – Lea Valley Youth CC                                        1st Girl – Isabelle Beale – Lea Valley Youth CC

2nd Boy – Lochlan Dyer – Lea Valley Youth CC                                     2nd Girl – N/A

3rd Boy – Oliver Beale – Lea Valley Youth CC                                        3rd Girl – N/A


Under 12’s

The Under 12s race had 6 x riders competing, 3 x boys and 3 x girls to make it nice and even. In the boys race newcomer Ryan Jackson (LVYCC) had a superb ride with a well-deserved 1st place. Team mate William Barlow (LVYCC) once again proved his consistent performances with a solid 2nd place and rounding off the podium was Joe Peacock (ERCC) finishing in 3rd place and of course 1st ERCC rider across the line. In the girls race Rebecca Gardiner (LVYCC) switched her 2nd place at round 3 for the win this time, well done Rebecca. Naomi Perry (LVYCC) finished in 2nd place, excellent job Naomi and rounding out the podium in a very well earned 3rd place was Olivia Hoskins (Barking & Dagenham CC).

Overall U12 Series Winners 2018

1st Boy – Thomas Mead – Lea Valley Youth CC                                   1st Girl – Rebecca Gardiner – Lea Valley Youth CC

2nd Boy – William Barlow – Lea Valley Youth CC                                 2nd Girl – Naomi Perry – Lea Valley Youth CC

3rd Boy – N/A                                                                                            3rd Girl – Olivia Hoskins – Barking & Dagenham CC



We had 10 x riders in the U14’s races. Amy Harvey (Barking & Dagenham CC) continued her excellent run of form with fantastic race wins in both events, well done Amy. Team mate Carys Dodd (Barking & Dagenham CC) took a great 2nd place and Aimee O’ Sullivan (LVYCC) rounded off the podium with a solid performance in 3rd place. In the U14’s boy’s race Oliver Gardiner (LVYCC) took a superb 1st place overall with team mate Samuel Leslie (LVYCC) taking 2nd place and in 3rd place was Jack Charlton-Hunt (LVYCC) rounding off the podium for another excellent LVYCC team performance, again well done everyone.

Overall U14 Series Winners 2018

1st Boy – Oliver Gardiner – Lea Valley Youth CC                                 1st Girl – Amy Harvey – Barking & Dagenham CC

2nd Boy – Jack Charlton-Hunt – Lea Valley Youth CC                         2nd Girl – Carys Dodd – Barking & Dagenham CC

3rd Boy – Brandon Baldacci – Lea Valley Youth CC                            3rd Girl – Aimee O’Sullivan – Lea Valley Youth CC



There were only 5 x riders in the U16’s category, with Hannah Morgan (Barking and Dagenham CC) the only girl racing and racing very well against the boys for the podium positions taking the 1st girls position on the day. With no girls qualifying for the overall series win it was all to play for in the U16 boy’s race! Once again we had a clash of the titans resulting in some fierce racing taking into account the overall series point’s competition was still all to play for! Max Wilkins (Barking & Dagenham CC) took the honours on the day, with an excellent win in both his races, with Zak Seddon (Beacontree Wheelers) taking an well-deserved 2nd place and Damian Dodd (Barking and Dagenham CC) rounding out the podium, very well done again guy’s.

Overall U16 Series Winners 2018

1st Boy – Zak Seddon – Beacontree Wheelers                                    1st Girl – N/A

2nd Boy – Max Wilkins – Barking & Dagenham CC                             2nd Girl – N/A

3rd Boy – Damien Dodd – Barking & Dagenham CC                           3rd Girl – N/A


Well done to all riders and huge congratulations our series winners, who have performed consistently, well during the competition. Thanks to our fantastic marshals and volunteers and to all parents, family and friends for braving the cold weather during this series, and of course a huge thanks to Redbridge Cycling Centre, Dave and Sylvia have kept us fed and watered (and warm) throughout this series, thank you everyone.

We are running a summer series, the provisional dates are Sunday 8th July and Sunday 5th August, same venue and race format, please keep checking our website and Redbridge Cycling Centre for full details.

A Message To All Of Our Competitors

Thank you for your dedication and your commitment at this year’s winter series, you have all been amazing, really amazing and you should all be very proud of yourselves. Some of you may have had some stumbles and tumbles along the way, or you may not have had the results you would have liked, but then this is all part of learning not just about cycle racing but also learning about yourself. To learn and be better, sometimes things do go wrong. This is all part of the journey we take on the road to winning and we all feel that sometimes things just aren’t going right!

So my message to you is that when you do stumble or tumble……………………raise your head, look up, be proud of who you are, do what you can, have fun and have a go again. You CAN do anything, you CAN be anyone you want to be, BE A STAR and Don’t Ever Give Up!

See you all soon

Best Regards – Essex Roads CC Go-Ride Team


  1. Trevor Moody


    Is there going to be a summer series?


    1. Len Gordon


      There were issue with booking Hogg Hill on dates when we would have club members available to assist Dave.

      This meant that we are not able to run a summer series at Hogg Hill.


  2. Dean Harvey

    Any dates for the next series of go rides. Our young members of B&Dcc can’t stop talking about it.

    1. Dave Brown (Post author)

      Hi Dean, i trust all is well with you. We have the dates now finalised.

      Dates for the Winter Series are:

      Rd 1: Sunday 20th January 2019
      Rd 2: Sunday 10th February 2019
      Rd 3: Sunday 3rd March 2019
      Rd 4: Sunday 31st March 2019

      I’m doing the poster and setting up on-line entry via the BC website so will forward this to you once done. We will have entry on the day too.

      Hope to see you and all the young members of B&Dcc in full force at the series.

      Best Regards


  3. Dean Harvey

    That’s brilliant Dave ill let everyone know

    1. Dave Brown (Post author)

      Hi Dean, i hope you are all keeping well. All the dates for the 2019 winter series are now on BC events website and our own website with booking on-line now set up to make things easier. Hope you and all at B&DCC have a great Christmas and New Year. See you soon. Best Wishes Dave.


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