Level 8 – Super Fast Group 60 miles @21.0mph

If you already partake in Training/Fast Training Group Rides then this will push your abilities. Average speed will be around 21.0 miles per hour over 60 miles.

If you already do time-trialling or road racing then these rides will assist you gaining fitness.

Riders will need to spend time at the front on these rides to give others a rest as the group  covers the terrain. You are likely to learn a lot about pacing yourself and how to recover quickly and you will develop good bike-craft.

With training rides it is quite normal that riders may sprint ahead to be swallowed up by the group later on. These bursts of speed are what make up ‘interval training’. These sessions actually help you get stronger and faster. Groups of riders often sprint for signs up ahead just for the satisfaction of racing and passing others. The stronger riders usually win!

This is a training ride, others may not wait for you, it is important to know the route back and to be self-sufficient for nutrition and bike mechanicals.


These rides do not always stop for a break so please ensure that you eat and drink during these hard rides.

All our Club & Training Rides start and finish at the Council Car Park on the western side of the High Street, Billericay at 9:00. The Car Park is reached by proceeding along the High Street from Sun Corner and turning left just past the Iceland store. See below. From there, we take a variety of routes along quiet country roads that you’ve probably never been down before. We are usually back in Billericay about midday, or you can turn off earlier if it’s easier for you to get home.

Where and when?

Club Rides

Here’s our club Guide to Group Riding, it really is worth taking the time to read this.