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  1. Carlos

    Love the new look but the content about riding groups is very out of date and inaccurate. Will this be sorted out?

    1. Matt

      Hi Carlos. Yes, this is something we are looking to update. Feel free to email over anything you feel should be included.

  2. Colin Lewin

    Please could you put me down to ride your Boxing Day TT
    Club is veloschilsinterbike rt
    Thanks Colin Lewin

    1. Len Gordon

      I have just changed the club’s event details to allow pre-entry by the website.
      Can you try this link and see if you can make a booking.

  3. Colin lewin

    Hi Len
    Cant seem to pre enter with that link,if its not a problem ill just enter on the day

  4. Martin Lewis


    My son is looking for Go-ride road race to try, and I found your event on 12th March on the British Cycling website. His 10th birthday is on 8th March. He has a little experience as a member of the Ely+District CC and has enjoyed doing the Muddy Monsters events this winter.

    Can I sign him up for this event? Is there an on-line form? Does he still race with the under-10’s?



  5. Christopher Garside

    Hello, I want to ask a couple of questions about the Spring Lambs Sportive. I have emailed which is shown at the bottom of but the email was bounced back to me, email address unknown. Can you send me an email address so I can send some questions please?

    1. Matt

      Hi Chris,
      Sorry about that, we will have to look at why that happened.
      In the meantime you can email
      Best Regards

      1. Chris Garside

        Thanks Matt, I have just sent an email.

  6. Dave Ammon


    I’ve signed up for the 100k via Sientries yesterday (Dave Ammon) and i’ve had nothing in my email from them to confirm, pretty sure it all worked but would appreciate someone confirming i am booked on.
    Also can you tell me where i can get a tcx/gpx of the route please?



    1. Martin

      What’s the vertical ascent on Sunday for the long route?

    2. Martin

      Dave – GARMIN files for download here:
      No email verification but if you log on to the event is under ‘my entries”

  7. Martin

    What were the gold / silver / bronze guide times? I thought I saw gold at 5’45” and fruitlessly chased that (and shot myself in the foot stopping to assist a puncture afflicted rider in the home stretch…).
    Excellent ride as ever, splendid weather if a fair bit breezier than forecast indicated!! First time I didn’t stop to take advantage of the excellent feed stations as I’d taken enough on the bike to get me around without dead time in transition!
    Shame the route overlapped with a road running event, but can’t have everything and it was splendid as ever.

  8. Amy Holtby

    FREE TRIAL CLASS for any of your club members? – Are you feeling like you need a good stretch? Tight in the hips? Tight ankles? Reformer, or barre pilates will help strengthen those areas, and lift you out of your hips. It will also help to build up core and back strength. Why not try our reformer and barre pilates studio, CONTOUR Pilates, in Brentwood. For more information on times go to And simply email Amy with your time –

  9. Philip Randle

    Is it ok to turn up on the night or do I need to register in advance for your TT I’m not from your area but I will be working in Basildon on the 10th

    1. Len Gordon


      It is ok to turn up on the night as a guest but there is a maximum number of riders that are allowed to take part so if I have already reached the maximum I am not allowed to let any more people ride.

      1. Philip Randle

        Thanks Len
        I will pop along then and see.

  10. Tom Henderson

    Do you need a TT bike for this or can you do it on a road bike?

    1. Len Gordon


      The TT can be done on either a road or TT bike.
      Normally best to do a few TT’s on your road bike first before spending any hard earned cash on a TT bike.

  11. Richard Payton

    Can I just come along in the morning and join a ride?

    1. Matt

      Hi. Yes new joiners are welcome and there are new people coming along all the time. Anyone will be able to direct you to the most appropriate group. We suggest joining a couple of rides before making a decision on joining.

  12. Daniel Johnson

    Havent participated in a TT before Is it possible to participate?
    Im a member of welwyn a (CTT club)
    if so where can I find the details of the course and the event?
    Dan Johnson

    1. Len Gordon

      Think it is a bit late to reply now as you turned up last week. Been busy with other cycling related stuff so not be logging onto the club’s website to reply to comments.

  13. Kelvin Fleuty

    Hi do you have to be a member of Essex Roads to do the TT.

    1. Len Gordon

      A member of any cycling club is always welcome to code and ride the TT. There is no restriction to the number of times they do this. The only thing we would ask it hey do more than 4 is to offer to help out by volunteering to marshal at one of the TT’s.
      People who do not belong to a cycle club are only allowed to ride 2 club TT’s per year. This is a CTT rule. It is not just 2 TT’s per club but 2 TT’s per calendar

  14. neil chapman

    Do you or would you accept private riders. I was trying to sort a ride out for a junior in the club (Maldon)
    His name is Harry Wood .

    Kind regards

    Neil Chapman

    1. Len Gordon

      A member of another cycling club is always welcome to code and ride the TT. There is no restriction to the number of times they do this. The only thing we would ask it hey do more than 4 is to offer to help out by volunteering to marshal at one of the TT’s.
      People who do not belong to a cycle club are only allowed to ride 2 club TT’s per year. This is a CTT rule. It is not just 2 TT’s per club but 2 TT’s per calendar

      1. Neil Chapman

        Thank you. See you tomorrow

    2. Matt

      Hi Neil, yes he is more than welcome to come and ride at our events. All he needs to do is contact len at He will also need to sign the relevant CTT forms and have parental consent to be able to ride.

  15. tania

    Hi there,

    Is it possible for any child to turn up on the day or do you have to be a member to join in on the racing?

  16. Tom Henderson

    Is this for mountain bikes or road bikes?

  17. Preethi

    Can I join fir tomorrow level 1 cycle ride please

  18. Trish norris

    Hi ya, I have just bought a bike and would like to start ride ing with the bike club, do I just come along tomorrow morning and join then?

    1. Matt

      Hi Trish. Yes just come along. It’s best to come on a couple of rides and then you can decide if you would like to join. Steve Bristow is the club ride secretary who should be there else anyone in an Essex Roads top will be more than happy to direct you to the most appropriate group to start with. Thanks!

  19. Paul Newbury

    Hi Matt
    Yes I would like to join you tomorrow morning started to ride 3 weeks ago.

    1. Matt

      Great! Steve Bristow is the the club ride secretary and should be there else anyone in an Essex Roads top will be more than happy to direct you to the most appropriate group.

  20. Kelly Bishop

    Hi. I wanted to post a big thank you to the guys who stopped to look after me today when I came off my bike just outside of Roxwell where the road resurfacing is quite dangerous. I think Steve was the name of the Essex Roads member ( sorry if I got that wrong. ) no major damage done, just some grazes and bruises, wonky handle bars and a little pride bruise.

    Thank you all again. Much appreciated.

  21. Danny Isaacs

    I’m thinking about joining and wanted to try out a ride tomorrow, but can only make it to the early bird ride. Is it ok to just come along?

    1. Matt

      Hi Danny. Yes it’s fine just to turn up. Anyone in Essex Roads kit will be happy to direct you.

  22. Sam Woodfield

    Good Evening,

    Due to a very successful result at the Finsbury Park RR, I have now achieved my 1st Cat status for the 2018 season and would like to have some time off the bike for a while.
    So it is with regret that I won’t be attending the race this weekend, I totally understand this is late notice and obviously a refund is out of the question but at least it might allow for a reserve to participate.

    All the best,

    Sam Woodfield

  23. Toby Parnell

    Hi there, are you accepting EOL for Sunday’s race?

    1. Paul Crossman

      Hi Toby,

      If you contact Len via, he will be able to advise if spaces are likely on Sunday.

  24. Ian

    I can vouch for Viva Velo. Dyll is a really good guy and their camps cater for riders of all different abilities. I’ve also booked with them for next year & am doing the Mallorca 312.

  25. Edward Riches

    How about North Weald base 300mmetres up side(?) lane with field and toilets available, all subject to our local permissions, could this work for you in Assoc with other club not cyclists who need funding assistance?

  26. Mark Toublic

    Hi was with the social group today lost everyone else after North Hill, stayed with jane as she was lost. Made sure she got back ok before I left to get home. See you again soon Mark Toublic.

  27. rob wilson

    Hello, could you let me have details of where to send the payments to please. I want to enter my daughter into the full series.

    Many thanks
    Rob Wilson

  28. Matt

    Rob. Its best to drop an email to Dave the coach at Many thanks.

  29. Mr D Harvey

    Well done for Sunday really well organised as always.
    All members of Barking & Dagenham CC really enjoyed thereselfs.

    1. Dave Brown

      Many thanks for the feedback Dean, great to read everyone enjoyed their racing and we hope to see you all again at the next event.

      Best Regards

  30. Tim charlton-hunt

    On behalf of LVYCC please pass on our thanks to the organising team. Our riders really enjoyed themselves and for some it was their first race.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series and hopefully it will get warmer !!

  31. Dave Brown

    Thanks so much for the feedback Tim, all the riders who took part seemed to enjoy the day’s racing despite the cold weather and i agree, let’s hope we get some warmer weather as the series progresses.

    Best Wishes

  32. robin dyos-smith

    would this be fine for my 8 year old

    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Robin, yes the coaching sessions will be fine for your 8 year old. I’ll email you further details on our sessions and hope to see you there.
      Best Regards

  33. William

    Trying to enter but I can’t find my membership number. I’ve looked in my subscription confirmation email from British Cycling and the members area of this site. Any tip?

  34. Ben Krolick

    My son would like to race, he’s 10 yrs old, and a member of Hackney Cycling Club, and British Cycling. Membership no. 1450927

    I can’t see where I sign him up for the 4th Feb races, so please can you assist me?

    Many thanks,

    Ben Krolick

    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Ben,

      Many thanks for your message, i’ve sent you a PM with all the details you need for entering the event.

      Hope to see you on the day.

      Best Regards

  35. Max Wilkins


    Hello, I am a 15 year old keen road cyclist with HCC, I would love to race on 4th Feb. Do I need to apply by post to guarantee me a place or can I just turn up on the day and be able to race?

    Thank you


    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Max, Thanks for getting in touch i’ve sent you details to your email address with all of the details you need for racing next Sunday. Hope to see you on the day.

      Best Regards


  36. Matt
  37. William

    Thanks Matt, but maybe I’m a little confused. I thought I needed an ERCC membership number to get the discounted entry fee for Spring Lambs?

    1. Jo

      Hi William,
      You can use your British Cycling membership number
      Hope this helps

  38. Steve Walker

    Hi can you confirm if there are spaces available for this race in the U14 boys and U10 groups?

    Many thanks

    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Steve,

      Yes we have spaces available for both races. You will need to complete the entry forms on the day for each rider and payment on-the-line is £5.50 per rider.

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards

  39. sara east

    Hi there,

    My son is 12 years old and is keen to get into cycling having been to Hadleigh farm last year. How can he get onto your coaching programme?
    Many thanks

    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Sara, Thanks for your email and interest in our coaching programme, i have emailed you some details on the sessions which i hope are of interest.
      Best Regards

  40. Dean

    Thank you for a great event.
    All the members of Barking & Dagenham CC really loved the day.
    Really enjoyable just wished it was a bit warmer.
    Really Looking forward to the 25th

    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Dean, Thanks for the great feedback again,it’s a pleasure to see so many Barking & Dagenham members taking part and doing very well. Fingers crossed for warmer weather on the 25th 🙂 Best Regards Dave

  41. Trevor

    Hi, is Round 3 on the 18th or 25th February

    Both dates mentioned above.


    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Trevor, round 3 is on 25-02-18 and round 4 is on 18-03-18. I’ve spotted the error on our website and amended to show the correct Feb date. Thanks for getting in touch.

      Best Regards

  42. Matt

    Hi Dave – will you be posting the round 2 results up at any stage?


    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Matt, Thanks for getting in touch the results and race report for round 2 are now up on our website. Hope to see you at the next event on the 25th Feb.
      Best Regards

  43. Gill

    Hi Dave
    I’m happy to help this Sunday (25th Feb) but sadly Laura not available

    1. Dave Brown

      Hi Gill,
      That’s lovely thanks for your help and see you Sunday. If you get there for around 12.30, the first race is off at 1.15pm.