The Essex Roads Autumn Leaves Sportive on Sunday 24th September 2017 is now booking – and you are invited!

The countdown to our Essex Roads Autumn Leaves Sportive has begun, with up to 1000 riders expected this year. This event – offering a late sportive in the Essex calendar (now featuring both 100Km and 150Km rides) is laden with sports and volume food and operates out of one of the best HQ’s available – the Brentwood Centre. The routes are both picturesque and challenging taking in many of the country lanes you’re probably unfamiliar with. So why not find out more. Don’t wiggle over to other uk cycle events before you’ve seen this one first. It beats the lot! For more information go to our Essex Sportive site where all details may be found.

The Essex Sportive Team


  1. Profile photo of AshtonAshton

    Hey Mark, How do I claim my free place from helping at the Autumn Leaves?

    1. Mark

      Just turn up and we will asign you a number to ride. Cheers Ashton,


  2. anne

    Hi Mark, Last year we could view other riders who had signed up for Autumn Leaves, is there a way to view the rider list this year for Spring Lambs?

  3. Stephen

    Have entered 150Km, but cannot easily locate information such as the amount of climbing over the ride. There is no interactive map to determine the max incline of climbs and their length (compare with Chiltern 100)

    I do not know the roads or area and first time on the Lambs, so this sort of info would be helpful rather than just the length of the ride.

    Also it is nigh impossible to read the cycling weekly article on your website

    If the info is there and I’ve missed it please do let me know, otherwise no reply required.


    1. Profile photo of MattMatt

      Hi Stephen, are you aware of this link ?


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